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Tangerine Dream

Everyday is a Winding Road.

28 February 1988
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a clockwork orange, about a boy, aerosmith, aladdin sane, amy brown, astrology, baking, black hair, black sabbath, black sheep, blondie, books, boots, brian eno, brian froud, brian slade, bright hair, but i'm a cheerleader, butterflys, cake, cheese!, chicago, chicks on speed, chirs farley, collages, colours, comedies, cooking, crazyness, cream, cream magazine, curt wild, curtiously wild, darkness, darth vader, david bowie, david spade, deep purple, digital cameras, dill pickles, donnie darko, dragons, drew barrymore, emotions, empire records, england, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy novels, feather boas, fish, gail ann dorsey, glam rock, grey eyes, guitar, guitar sex, guitarists, guys with long hair, harrison ford, high fidelity, hobos, html coding, iggy pop, indiana jones, jack fairey, johnny depp, jonathon rhys meyers, kazoodles, kilts, kisses, labyrinth, le tigre, led zepplin, leopard print, lesbians on ecstasy, lips, long nails, lord of the rings, lou reed, louis xiv, medival times, micheal, mick ronson, moulin rouge, mullets, napoleon dynamite, nine inch nails, orange, osbourne street, p!nk, pens, piano, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, planets, platforms, polaroid cameras, polaroids, popcicles, prince and the npg, princess mononoke, red nails, retro, rockstars, rocky horror picture show, rping, science fiction novels/movies, scotland, shoes, singing, slash, spin magazine, star wars, stars, stuffed animals, sugar, sunglasses, swimming, t-rex, tartans, tattoos, the 70s, the 80s, the beatles, the black keys, the crypt, the glitter mafia, the governess, the guess who, the highlands, the moon, the outlander series, the rolling stones, the thin white duke, the twist, the vibrators, the who, tommy boy, toni collete, toys, unicorns, velvet goldmine, vintage, weird purses, x-ray spex, yes, ziggy stardust